Desired Name Services

Get the perfect domain name

Are you looking for a perfect domain name but all of the domains seem taken? TLD Manager Desired Name Services is your answer. When you use our service, we first collect words, names, keywords, or a message that you want to be part of your domain name. From there, we will run a query using our software, and the result will be an email sent to you with a list of available domain names. If you like any of the results you can easily register one or more. Contact our sales team for pricing along with any questions about this service.

Automation meets registry

Is there a specific domain name that you want but it's already registered? Our domain name automation service will located the expiration date and keep track of the domain. If the registered party chooses not to renew the domain, our server will work to register the domain name to you. Call our office for pricing and additional information about this service.

Build an online brand

Are you wanting to register more than one domain name? For example, you may want a domain name for your company, a dot email domain for your email, a dot blog for a company blog, and a dot shop for your online store. TLD Manager domain branding service can help you with finding an entire set of domains. Call our sales team for pricing and any questions that you may have.

Transfer Your Domain Name to TLD Manager, Inc.

At some point you may want to consider a single source for all your domains. TLD Manager will help you transfer your existing domains from your registrars over to a single account with TLD Manager. We will help you manage your domain assets so that you do not accidently forget to renew a domain name and potentially loose that asset. Call our office today to ask about pricing and additional questions that you may have.

Sell Your Domain

Are you in a position where you no longer need your domain name? Why just let it go? Consider selling your domain for cash. At TLD Manager, we can help you sell your domain that you no longer need. Our service will help you get the best price which is based on the domain name including the dot extension. Call our sales team today for pricing and additional questions that you may have.

Domain Solicitation Services

Domain Acquisition Negotiations

Did you find a domain name that you want; however, it's for sale? You can hire TLD Manager to negotiate a price for the domain on your behalf. Our domain brokerage services helps business owners acquire domain assets from around the world. Call our team today to find out how we can help you with your domain portfolio.

Purchase a Registered Domain Name

Did you find a domain that you want to acquire? Is someone sitting on the domain and not using it? TLD Manager offers domain owner and negotiations services to help you get the domain you want. Although there is no guarantee that we can buy a domain from a registerd owner, we will contact the domain owner and negotiate a purchase price on your behalf. Contact our sales team today for pricing and any questions that you may have.

Additional Services

On-Demand Business Consulting

Do you have a question about starting a business? Perhaps you need some help with designing the functionality of a new site. Corporation Associates offers Consulting On-Demand for the specific purpose of hearing your business concerns and providing you with guidance. Consulting On-Demand is a self paced service therefore there are no long-term contracts. The service is use as needed to help you grow your business.

Complete Business Plans

Are you starting a new business? Has the economy changed to the point where help is needed finding new profit centers? Corporation Associates will consult with you, then create create a business plan to guide you through a five year period. If you are looking for funding then a business plan is a must. Our business plans take your industry and the economy in consideration. The information that we research will help you grow your business by executing a plan that we can update as internal and external factors change. Contact our sales team today for information about the cost, process and and any additional questions that you have.